With summer comes a new weekly section of this blog called "Escape to..." where we'll be visiting dream houses located in different parts of the world... Hope you enjoy!

Remodeled by Parisian interior designer Joelle Pléot, this one-story summer house is located in St Remy en Provence, Southern France. The house plan is organized so that every room communicates with the yard... Wine and cheese anybody?

via : Cote Sud


  1. Bonjour Si!
    Greetings from France!!!
    This house is wonderful, love the interior !
    Have a wonderful weekend !

  2. Hey Britta!
    Good to read you! I just saw your great looking retro swedish style kitchen remodeling on your blog. Wow, I am very impressed! You rock girlfriend!
    Cheers, Si-

  3. Is the house a rental? If so, how can i find it? Thanks.


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