Design Hackers

Industrial designer Yves Behar is curating his first exhibition, entitled, "Technocraft: hackers, modders, fabbers, tweakers, and design in the age of individuality".
Technocraft looks at the different ways that consumers are personalizing design in efforts to assert creativity and individuality in an age of mass-production.
According to Yves Behar*, "mass production creates uniformity in function and aesthetic. People have grown tired of the sameness of things (...) We're moving from the limits of the age of mass production to a new age of mass individualization. Not only people get tired to it, they will demand a level of uniqueness in every product and service they consume."
My two favs are the hacked Eames dining chair and the Droog do hit chair!
If you live or happen to visit the San Francisco area, do not miss it! But hurry : the exhibition is being held at YBCA (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts), San Francisco, until October 3, 2010.

{via *Wired Magazine and DesignBoom}

Eames Hack - High Chair

Marijn Van der Poll’s do hit chair for Droog

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