Some inspiring ideas about wood crate recycling...

Upside down crate makes a low table - via Habitania

Wood pallets make low seating benches - via Habitania

Apple crates make wall shelves - via Baileys Home and Garden

Painted pallet with casters makes a nice industrial rolling table - via Design Shimmer

Cut out pallets make display shelves - via Indian Summer Garden

Wood crate on casters makes a nice toy storage - via Re-Nest


  1. i love these... it's such a good idea to re-use them, and they look very rustic and stylish, too.

  2. excellent ideas!! my bed just broke down and i was thinking of replacing it with my auntie's vintage one..but just might go for palettes instead

  3. Hello,

    Where did you find the wood crates to make your bookshelf out of?. I'm trying to do the same but I'm having a hard time finding them.

    Thanks and I look forward to your reply

    1. Bonjour! You can find some through fleas markets, junk yards, antique shops, Ebay, Etsy, Craigs' list etc... But now that the trend is popular, they are increasingly expensive... Happy hunting! :-)

  4. Thanks for the information about where to look for the wood crates. Do you know the dimensions of the ones that you used?. If you don't, could you measure them and send that information? THAT WOULD BE FABULOUS!
    Thanks for all your great ideas on your website! There are a few others that I like as well. merci beaucoup! (SP?)

    PS: I took a little French in high school but I can't remember very much about it. So sorry if I spelled that wrong!

  5. Do you have the dimensions for the boxes that you used?. I'm trying to re-create the bookshelf, you made and I'm having a hard time finding the crates. Any suggestions of where to look?

  6. I just hung three wooden wine boxes in our girls room but cannot decide if I should paint them white. Any input would be appreciated!

    1. I am sorry but it is impossible to give you any advice over the internet. I recommend you hire an interior designer that will come to your house and give you real and productive advice on what color to go with. Thank you for stopping by the blog, Anonymous! Si-


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