Ok, where do I start? This interior designed by Tony Espuch, owner of Azul Tierra, is just too dreamy: it mixes 2 eras that would seem quote opposite from each other - industrial meets English cosy gentleman's quarter. And it works! I particularly love the walls, the velvet sofa as well as the Chesterfield brown leather sofa, the chimney corner, the bare floors with their luxurious vintage rugs, the bath tub, and of course the Jielde lamp in the bathroom. And while we're at it, I will also take the vintage Louis Vuitton trunk used as a living room low table. Magnifique!

{photos Amador Toril for Habitania}


  1. First time visitor. Do I ever like this website!

  2. Oh, merci, Eileen! Double free hugs for you! Si;-)


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