Kids' Spaces

Some more yummy and inspiring kids rooms... Can you tell by now that I'm not a blue/boy, pink/girl kind of gal?

via Petits Bonheurs 123

Photo Kate Gadsby for Narratives

via The Style Files

Top and Bottom: Petra Bindel for Dwell

via Sanctuary

via vtvonen

via Puffling Scoop


  1. Black for a child's bedroom is rather bold (I can imagine the scared faces of my customers when I suggest such!) but I must admit it looks amazing!
    My faves are those by Petra Bindel for sure!

  2. Oh am just about to write about nursery and children's rooms on my site as well! Loved your post - might be hard to compare!
    the row house nest

  3. Love, love, love the first one, so French!

  4. I have been trying to encourage my friends to go in this direction as well. I don't find those pink/blue rooms appealing at all. Why shouldn't kids be surrounded by great design and interesting art? It shouldn't just be reserved for adults!

  5. @Jordana, agreed! but then, be careful what you wish for, now my 10 year old has a very acute sense of interior design. I think I created a monster! ;-)

  6. Lovely pictures. Today I make a post with the aereware pillows¡¡¡ ( picture number four)

  7. These rooms are awesome - my boys would love them all! :-)

  8. j'adore le dernier avec le mur en tableau noir... ludique...le lit de la 3 est terrific!!! bizzzz

  9. Très belle sélection!!!
    Au fait, j'étais à Versailles aujourd'hui, et j'en ai profité pour faire un tour chez Metal&Woods!!

  10. @Anna: alooooors???? Ça vaut le coup que j'y passe? Je serai a Paname début Mai... J'attends ton débriefing! ;-)

  11. I have lost count of how many times I have been asked to do black for a boy's room by the boy himself ~ mostly to the horror of the mother! But I think it can be fantastic.

    Love your top image especially.

  12. These all look amazing. So much thought has gone in to all the details - and I love that they're not standard pink or blue!

  13. After we do the office, I want to tackle my kids' room. It's quite cute, but after seeing all of these, I am inspired to do something even better.


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