Paris, j'arrive!

Hooray, one more week before my Paris trip, I can hardly contain my excitement. I have a whole list of places and shops to visit, friends to meet, flea markets to scout for the shop, I even have a blogger's lunch set up with two of my favorite bloggers... I am so excited.... But I promise I'll find a way to have you by my side during this trip... either through Twitter updates or via my Facebook page [provided I have internet access as advertised on my flat rental ad...]
One more week.... Please time, fly by and then stop for a while - at least while I'm in the City of Lights...
Happy Monday and welcome to an exciting week my dear! Xo, Si-

Photo collage realized with pictures from Paris Pages, Bonjour Tristesse,
Callia 23Jazz night, Old brand New and Piccsy.


  1. Aw. Place des Voges. One of my fave Parisien destinations!

  2. yeahhhh!!! trop contente pour toi...en plus il fait beau et chaud!!! tu vas te régaler!!!! xxxx

  3. Ah, quelle chance!! Flâner dans le Marais, manger une religieuse chez Ladurée, une bonne après-midi shopping, etc... quel bonheur!!
    Avecd un peu d'avance, je te souhaite un bon voyage :) xo

  4. Bon Voyage!! You deserve the break ;-)

  5. Lucky you! I bet you're gonna have a wonderful time there!
    And I suggest, since you'll travel all along the other side of the world, why don't you come and visit our sunny little Crete so we can meet each other and spend hours of talking and ideas exchanging while sea splashing, sunbathing and wine drinking!
    xoxo, Eleni

  6. Je te souhaite aussi un très bon voyage Si!
    Quelle chance....

  7. You are lucky!!
    Now I know who to ask for good tips.. when I go to Paris ..soon I hope:)
    Happy monday night:)

  8. @Eleni, Crete is definitely on my destinations list. And I promise you that when I do plan to visit, I will let you know and meet you! ;-))
    @Anna G. Tout pareil! :-P

  9. tu arrives quand ? je suis à Paris cette semaine ... je repars dimanche vers le sud. belle semaine en attendant ! des biz

  10. Oh, pas cool, je voyage Lundi. mais je serai dans le sud cet ete!
    bonne semaine a toi et laisses le beau temps a Paname svp... :-))

  11. Oh so exciting! Looking forward to your Paris posts as we'll be traveling there as well in less than two shorts months :]!!

  12. Si! Two things I'm so jealous about. one: your trip to Paris and two: La Maison de bonding time? It doesn't get anymore fabulous than that. I wish I could hit up the Vanves flea with you. Have a few bottles of sauvignon blanc for me, my dear!


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