3 bloggers in Paris

As I mentioned previously, I had a "bloggers" lunch set up with two of my favorite bloggers.
Céline, from MiluCCia's blog, Anna G from La Maison d'Anna G. and I met and we had a fantastic time. You already know that MiluCCia and I are friends in real life, but we both met Anna for the first time that day and chatted like we were best buddies. We all stopped in a French café for a nice salad and then window shopped in the Marais all afternoon. It was very fun to realize that our taste were very similar even if we had never met before.  There are actually many bloggers that I would love to hang out with for a day!
Céline, Anna and I promised to each other we would do this again and I can't wait for the next time I am fortunate enough to hang out with these gals...

Photo by MiluCCia


  1. That is so sweet! It must be nice to get to know other bloggers, after all one is always curious to know who's on the other side of the screen :)
    and I absolutely love that red nail polish, it looks so summery!

  2. Lucky you - I can totally understand you had a great day! :-)

  3. Je suis trop jalouse... I follow your 3 blogs avidly, meeting in a sunny Paris must have been so perfect!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day in Paris! :-)

  5. c'était super vivement la prochaine fois!!!!!!

  6. C'était top les filles!! A refaire absolument!

  7. I'm sooo happy for you... it's been a very good experience as I can read. I wish you and I were closer to have a coffe in one of those stylish cafes...
    Kisses and welcome back.

  8. Je découvre ton blog via celui de Miluccia. Ce devait être une belle rencontre, en attendant pour moi c'est un beau blog supplémentaire à suivre :)

  9. I love the photo! And the symbolism, of course, is that you "met" first through your hands... typing away.


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