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  1. I should have read your blog post before making a certain phone call this morning, Si, for if I had, I would have been reminded of E. Roosevelt's great and oh-so-true quote. But, I made the phone call before reading your blog and I was highly criticized by someone; and I really let it get to me. I have to develop a thicker skin about these things, especially when comments come from a person who I know is insensitive.

    I am curious why you posted this ER quote on your blog as I am always interested in how people respond to Eleanor Roosevelt's quotations. There is a beautiful statue of Eleanor Roosevelt in Riverside Park, New York City, which is close to where I live. I have seen the statute often and and forwarding you the link (below) so you can see the statue too and also read more about ER.

    Link to ER Statue:

    AND I knew someone who worked for ER, and one time I made reference to it in a blog entry which you may find by going to the link posted below:


    Meanwhile, I wish you continued success with your lovely blog,
    Patricia Youngquist, The LLg (Last Leaf Gardener).

  2. Eleanor avait tout à fait raison :) xoxo

  3. I love this saying very wise .just the reminder I needed today .thanks

  4. So through, so difficult to live by - sometimes. Thanks:)


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