Early Christmas!

I got a package today in the mail, and when I opened the envelope, oh, it felt just like Christmas. I had ordered some pretty tea towels for the kitchen from an Etsy store. Leah is not just another Etsy seller, Leah Duncan is a talented artist and her packaging is just as exquisite as the design of her screened printed tea towels. I took some pictures of the package before and after opening it... Isn't this beautiful? This reminds me of the importance of gift wrapping with holiday season coming.
And Leah, thank you! I love my tea towels!
To browse through Leah's store, it's here!

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  1. It makes such a big difference when you have a creative wrapping or note card! I love it... and the tea towel are neat!


  2. Oh I just love them, makes me want to change my entire decor just to get them! Fabulous shop, thanks for sharing!
    ♥ Noemi
    Fashion: Classy N Glamorous
    Travel: Across The Sea

  3. Oh, these are pretty! Thank you for the link! X-

  4. Lovely packaging - and I love them! :-)

  5. They are really pretty, and you're right: gift wrapping is something I definitely need to practice a little before Christmas!

  6. Très joli, aussi bien les torchons que l'emballage!!


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