Hello you! Hope you had a relaxing weekend! Wanted to share this pic with you because it made me smile. So, what is it gonna be today? A posh Monday, or do you feel royal? No, your Monday is gonna be a Jedi one... Happy new work week my dear! Si-



  1. Very good! Smiling on a Monday Morning thanks to you! Thanks you and have a wonderful day!

  2. ha, love this! it's so difficult to hold a large cup royally! I think it's gonna be bog standard English :)
    have a lovely day!

  3. Haha I love it! I typically go for the "Hollywood" method. You know, where they wrap both hands on the mug, have a conversation, and look pensive. This is usually accompanied by an oversized cardigan, sexily tousled hair, and a gorgeous view in the background. That kind of thing :)

    1. Oh, good one Gabriella. Tres Hollywood indeed! You just forgot the score. Come on, there has to be some catchy music on the background... :-)
      Have a lovely Monday!

  4. Très rigolo!! J'adore le mode Jedi ;)) Bonne semaine à toi :) xoxo

  5. I tried to hold my mug Jedi style but it ended with tea on my shoes. Must practice more.



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