Oh, I am in love... for real. truly. madly. deeply. Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I have some kind of sick obsession over lights, and chairs {and many other things}. But for some reason, lamps lead the pack. I've been spotting this one here and there but never been able to put a name or designer on it. Until recently. And now, it's on my mind. often. too often. Meet the Spinning lamp by young talented U.K based designer Benjamin Hubert. I especially love it laying against a wall and hanging as an art statement piece like on the top pic. This one is on my Christmas list. Oh, Spinning lamp, please be mine soon!

Top image : photo by Sven Everaert - Bottom image via Bodie and Fou
Product shots via Hive


  1. what a gorgeous lamp it is indeed! great find! :)

  2. I've noticed that I prefer rounder shapes and forms for lamps, but this is so lovely and mignon!

  3. a wish list for you birthday... never too late... you get so many friends now!! I love it really too! hugs! Lau

  4. I share this love ... it is a beautiful lamp!

    Have a great Wednesday!

    Love Lisanne


  5. I have the large version above my dining table in black, it is gorgeous !

  6. Je compatis avec ton désir pour cette lampe! elle est super belle. Whishlist for... Christmas? Bravo si tu arrives à attendre jusque là: elle sera super méritée alors! bonne journée. Nathalie

    1. Oui en effet, Christmas, c'est loin, le probleme, c'est que j'ai des gouts de luxe et que je craque rarement sur des lampes a moins de 100 euros, ca fait un peu cher le craquage... Mais heureurement, il est cool le pere Noel et quand il aime, il ne compte pas... :-))

  7. i am in loooov too,
    it is just sooo perfect!
    love your collage! <3


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