Hello! I hope your weekend was as fun as ours! Are you ready for a new week of work? I think this desk has the best summer work mood, so fresh and peaceful, don't you think?
Have a happy Monday my dear! Xo, Si-



  1. Hello, too! Hope your Monday is as lucky as mine today. And have a beautiful week.

  2. Oh wow, I can almost see you smile from here, Amina! Did you win the lottery or just hada fab' dog walk this morning? In any case, thank you for the super mood, it's contagious! Hugs, Si-

  3. My dog from the animal shelter I took care of for some month has found a wonderful NEW HOME! I couldn´t take him to my home because of big cat Paul ;). And Rudi´s story is unique and we are all stupidly lucky now :))))He came as a street dog from Chicago to now Germany. And if you are lucky, you like all others to be lucky, too. Be lucky, lovely Si and all lovelies.

    1. Oh, that's wonderful Amina! That dog is so lucky to have met you and what a reward for you to learn that he now has a new home. That's worth more than a lottery ticket for sure, I understand now why you're so happy today! And thank you so sending your good spirits toward me. You're an angel Amina!


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