Oh, hello summer!

Oh, hello first summer weekend! We've been waiting for you for a while!
Hope yours is a beautiful weekend. Ours will be spent with my mom finishing her stay here and celebrating Miss Daisy {the family's Retriever} third birthday -  the girls plan on preparing her some homemade dog treats and getting her a new dog toy. Oh, happy happy birthday Miss Daisy!

Wishing you a fab' weekend and a cheerful Midsommar celebration to my dear Scandinavian readers. Xo, Si-

Children Dancing by the Lake, 1940 - Barbara Morgan


  1. Sweet weekend post, Si. Have a beautiful one.

  2. Chouette photo, très bon week-end à toi aussi :) xoxo

  3. Hope you've had a lovely weekend!
    Thanks so much for your message! hx

  4. what a fabulous image! so fancy free!


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