Hey, another week that flew by! And what's up with the weather, huh? We're having 100+ degrees these days... Helloooo summer! {note to self : do not complain about the cold this coming winter.}

Heads up, the blog's post pace will be on a slower mode starting next week. My daughter Maya's best friend, sweet Hayat, is visiting us from Paris for 3 full weeks {to improve her English level} of fun, so we'll have to show her the American way of life {any idea as to what we should show her would be greatly appreciated as American way of life is pretty new to us too}... If you want to have a peek at what we're up to, visit my newly set up Instagram account - I will post all summer fun related pictures...

PS: If you haven't done so already, don't forget to participate in the Uncommon Goods giveaway... 2 more days before contest closure, so vite, vite!

Meanwhile, I wish you a happy weekend my dear! Xo, Si-

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  1. Ugh I am HATING this weather! I think I would only like it if I was wherever that pool is! Take Hayat to some fun museums and maybe find a park to grill some food and play games :)

    1. Thank you Alexandra! I will add this to the list; so far, I have 2 July 4th events set up for her {one in the neighborhood, one on a lake boat with some friends} , some good hamburgers and hotdogs parties, a few play dates, a day camp at the YMCA and some museum visits. I am adding your idea of a picnic at the park, I am sure she'll love this. Merci!

  2. Definitely include regional foods! I'm not sure what part of the country you are in, but there is so much yumminess to experience. Lobster rolls in Maine, fish tacos in California, BBQ in Kentucky, Cajun in New Orleans, cheesesteaks in Philadelphia... the list goes on. If you live in NYC like me, then definitely a pastrami on rye with an egg cream soda and NY cheesecake for desert.

    Baseball games are quintessentially American of course.

    Which state do you reside in?

    1. Thanks Peggy! You're right, food is an important part of the American culture. We live in North Carolina, so I guess bbq is definitely to add on the list... Merci for your input!

    2. Ah North Carolina! My sister lives there. She raved about the Biltmore . The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad (http://www.gsmr.com/) looks fun too!

      My sister once took me to see the Durham Bulls play baseball. They definitely cater to families. :)

  3. I'm new to your blog but look very forward to reading all your posts!Have a great weekend and see you on instagram!

  4. hello,

    i'm actually not American, so who am I to judge? but well, in my world the American way means: long straight highways, amazing nature, so much space, cool cities, shopping (outlet) malls, yummi food, and those sweet, open, wanting-to-get-to-know-you-people, that we call Americans. so i would recommend: getting you of the home and car and go to national parks (you have so many and they are really just awesome!) and i really loved any opportunity I had to get in touch with people.

    Have very fun three weeks!

  5. I want to test your american way of life... It seems so inspiring and exotic anyway!! Enjoy this time all together and have nice resting days!! hugs! Lau


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