Today, I'm loving...

Woah, love, love, love this kitchen... Can you imagine yourself cooking with such a view to the garden? That's what I miss the most in my current kitchen... a view... What is striking to me is that the kitchen is very modern, very structured, but it's all balanced by the green scenery of the outdoors. WoAh!

Wouah, quelle cuisine... Imaginez-vous cuisinant dans cet espace, avec cette vue! C'est ce qui me manque le plus dans notre cuisine actuelle... une vue... Ce qui me frappe dans cet espace, c'est que la cuisine est ultra moderne, très, presque trop structurée, mais tout cela est rééquilibré grâce au mur végétal et à cette ouverture vers la nature. WOuAh!



  1. Wow, another great post! Simply inspiring! This photo has enchanting blue and green tones in shades that we are not used to seeing.

    A bientot,


  2. On dirait une cuisine d'été ouverte. Magie du vitrage.

  3. So gorgeous! Usually I'm not a fan of structured and modern; it feels cold to me. But this, THIS, is peaceful and meditative and lively all at once. Thanks for sharing! xxx, j

  4. Love that view!I would be so happy cooking and entertaining and even cleaning in there!

  5. Before I even clicked the link, I knew it was a Varenna/Poliform kitchen (used to work there!) They do have a way with their kitchen design ... and also the styling and photography ... Love it:)

  6. I love the colour and sleek design and of course the floor to ceiling windows. Bright, airy rooms make all the difference to a home.

  7. Oh how I would love this view! I have to tell you when I first looked at the photo I thought it was wall paper...I'd buy that!


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