There isn't much I don't like about this Copenhagen home. The floors, the gorgeous beams and the dominance of white, throughout the space. And look at these shiny concrete floors! Aren't they to die for? They remind me of this house tour.  
Line, a store manager for Danish womenswear brand Ganni, and Thomas, her graphic-designer companion, believe that the floors are just as important as furniture : "I think it's the biggest style decision to make in your home," says Line. Giving the focus on the shiny concrete floors, the couple decorated the space with cherished childhood furniture and updated the space with monochromatic accents.  

Il n'y a pas grand chose que je n'aime pas dans cet intérieur. Les sols, les poutres apparentes et la dominance de blanc dans tout l'espace. Oh, ces sols en béton ultra brillant, quelle merveille! Il me rappelle cette visite récente
Line, responsable d'une marque de mode féminine, Ganni, et Thomas, son compagnon, graphic designer, pensent tous deux que le choix du revêtement de sol est aussi important que le choix des meubles : "Je trouve que c'est l'une des décisions les plus importantes dans une maison," confie Line. En choisissant des sols en béton ultra-brilliants, le couple a décoré et meublé leur intérieur de pièces héritées de famille et d'accessoires monochromatiques. 

Photos by Peter Kragballe - via 


  1. Lovely house!! Just a question: Do you think the sofa is from Living Divani? On a sofa hunt… Thanks!! Asha

    1. Hello Asha,
      The sofa is by Danish brand Ilva

      Cheers, Si-

  2. Those floors are stunning! I've never seen anything like that before, a definite need in my next home! Great post! Amy, X

  3. Love those shiny floors! how do they do that?

  4. So gorgeous! Pinning this for my future house :)

  5. amazing window - floor feeling! (I would also like to know how they call these shiny floors, been seeing them a lot lately)

  6. lovely chairs and table. Wher can I find those? <3

  7. These floors look beautiful.
    That being said, Where I work, the floors are stained concrete. Done by professionals and they are chipping and flaking, badly.
    In another area, we used a different process and still there's chipping. I'm talking huge crackly pieces of paint in one area and the gloss finish in the other.
    I would recommend anyone wanting concrete floors to do a lot of research and get references.
    But even though there's been all these problems, I still dream of someday building a home with concrete floors and a big DRAIN to hose everything down! LOL!


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