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Happy Valentine's day my sweet readers, and a happy Friday too! 
Truth be told, I have mixed feelings about Valentine's day, but hey, if we need to grab a day in the year when officially, you can show our love, then let's take it, right? But it's also good to remember the Valentine Day's after hours celebration, huh? 
Any fun plans for Valentine's day celebration? We don't really do anything special around here, but this year, I cooked some heart shaped muffins and the girls have been enjoying them, with lots and lots of chocolate hazelnut spread for breakfast.
Wishing you a fabulous weekend and a happy Valentine's day! Xo, Si-

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Joyeuses Saint Valentin mes chers lecteurs - et double bous, c'est vendredi! Je ne suis pas particulièrement Saint Valentin, mais si l'on doit choisir officiellement un jour pour être romantique et montrer son amour pour l'autre, alors je dis oui, pas vous? Mais c'est bien aussi de ce rappeler de célébrer la non Saint-Valentin, hein? 
Vous avez des plans pour la Saint Valentin? Nous, rien de bien spécial, mais cette année, j'ai cuisiné des petits cakes en forme de coeur que les filles tartinent allègrement de chocolat au petit déjeuner et au goûter. L'idée a beaucoup plu, alors à refaire! Je vous souhaite un excellent weekend et une belle Saint Valentin. Si-


  1. I made some "healthy" cookies with Greek yogurt! :)

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day – I hope you have a wonderful love filled weekend!

  3. I was kind of anti valentines but then the kids wanted to make cards and then they received them and it became fun again so Guillaume and I bought some champagne - rose and French of course! HOpe you had a lovely day Si xx

  4. My favorite way to spend it is cooking a meal and snuggling at home.




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