I've teamed up with Nuraxi to offer one of the FrenchbyDesign blog readers a chance to win a beautiful Baby Cloud throw. 

Nuraxi [pronounced nu-rah-she], is a modern day trading post and a meeting place between old world traditions and the modern world. Nuraxi uncovers and showcases new treasures, luxurious handcrafted products created sustainably by artisans & designers of the highest skill set, and brings them into your life and home. The products Nuraxi carries are made from the finest quality alpaca, wool, and cashmere gathered from sustainable sources. Most items are made entirely by hand or hand-finished by artisans.

From top, clockwise : Alize Scarf - Fadriana Sweater - Dame Throw -  Avril Scarf

The Baby Cloud throw by Animana (dim. 35" x 47" and valued at $498 USD), hand-spun in Patagonia from superfine merino wool, is irresistible to the touch - as in you want to stay snugged in it all day! No wonder it was recently featured in Elle Decor magazine's January 2014 issue! 

For a chance to win this gorgeous and unique throw, here is what you have to do : 
  • Like Nuraxi on Facebook, and
  • Leave a comment in the comment section below : write a note/love letter to your future throw, starting with "Dear Nuraxi cloud throw,..." then unleash the poet in you. This giveaway is open worldwide; after all, Nuraxi is all about meeting, sharing and discovering beauty around the universe, and
  • Share if you'd like: the more shares, the more chances to win. Be sure to use the hashtag #iheartnuraxi when sharing so we can find you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram and count each of your entries. 
Nuraxi and I will be handpicking the winning entry and post the result by April 22. 
This giveaway is open until Friday, April 11, 2014 at 12PM Eastern US time.

Je collabore avec Nuraxi pour vous proposer un jeu-concours avec un cadeau à gagner particulièrement raffiné et unique : la couverture/jeté de canapé Baby Cloud.

Nuraxi {prononcé nu-rah-shi] est un lieu de rencontre entre les traditions anciennes et le monde moderne. Nuraxi découvre et met en lumière de nouveaux trésors, des produits artisanaux de luxe et respectueux de l'environnement, créés par des artisans de qualité, pour les proposer à nos intérieurs modernes. 
La couverture Baby Cloud,  par Animana, filée à la main en Patagonie à partir de laine mérinos extrafine, est irrésistible au toucher -  on a tout simplement envie d'y rester pelotonner toute la journée. Pas étonnant que Cloud ait été récemment présentée dans la hot-list de Elle Deco [Jan-février 2014]!

Pour avoir une chance de gagner cette magnifique couverture, voici ce qu'il faut faire:

  • Aimer la page de Nuraxi sur Facebook, et
  • Laisser un commentaire dans la section com' ci-dessous en écrivant une lettre/poème à votre future couverture Cloud, en commençant par: "Chère Cloud, ..." et libérez la prose qui est en vous, dans vos propres mots, et la langue de votre choix, et
  • Partager si vous le désirez. Plus vous partagez, plus vos chances de gagner augmentent. Rajoutez le hashtag #iheartnuraxi pour que l'on vous retrouve facilement sur Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter ou Instagram et compter chacune de vos entrees.
All pictures FrenchByDesign© and Nuraxi©

 Nuraxi et moi-même lirons chacune de vos entrées et annoncerons l'heureux(se) gagnant(e) à partir du 22 avril prochain. Ce jeu est ouvert à tous les pays et ce, jusqu'au vendredi 11 avril 2014 à minuit - heure américaine côte Est.

* This post is in partnership with Nuraxi but all opinions are my own. 
* Cet article est écrit en collaboration avec Nuraxi, mais toute opinion présentée est mienne.

Editor's Note : Congratulations to Ivelina from FriChic who won this giveaway! Thank you everyone for your participation!


  1. Dear Baby Cloud throw, would you be my Valentine?

  2. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw... if only you could come to the Pyrenees and help me deal with this cold winter...

  3. dear nuraxi cloud throw
    be mine be mine today
    i promise to hold you
    i promise to fold you
    i promise to never let you fall
    be mine be mine today

  4. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw, camouflage of snow, de la neige, des nuages-
    nuance of air, of light
    wrap tight my arms, neck and heart this cold night.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Chère Cloud,
    Depuis ton arrivée chez nous,
    tu as réalisé notre rêve le plus fou,
    pouvoir s'entourer entier d'un doudou.
    Chère Cloud, pour te remercier, nous te couvrons continuellement de bisous.

  7. dear nuraxi cloud throw,
    trod upon my belly and thigh with the hooves of a thousand merino sheep,
    whisper in my ear of the icy winds at the Patagonia knife's edge,
    i remain true to your distant exotic threads,
    so wrap me in promises of the same.
    Love, Yvonne

  8. Dear Nuraxi Cloud Throw,

    There has never been much of material luxury in my life. The luxuriance I bask in is that of the wide open sky, the springtime slantlight, the clouds migrating past. When I was little I would lie on my back in the grass and gaze up at the clouds and imagine jumping into them and being supported on their pillowed tops, cloudfluff seeping through my fingers and cuddled against my face. The wealth of the sky is the wealth of all people; if you came into my house like a cloud come down to visit it would be a great privilege, a sensual gladness, and an unlocking of a lifetime's worth of yearning towards the sky.

  9. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw,
    with you I wanna make my couch glow!
    Softer than a cat,
    everybody will want ya' to get!
    Please be mine,
    cause you will make me feel fine.

    Greetings, Anne

  10. Dear Nuraxi Cloud Throw...
    On a chilly Spring afternoon,
    I watch the clouds lazily drifting through...
    Making me daydream...
    Of being home with you.

  11. Dear Nuraxi Cloud Throw!

    I am shivering in cold here in my home and would really need your help.
    The spring season in Finland can be quite cold and my middle aged body doesn't really like the cold so much that's why I really need you - my dear Nuraxi Cloud throw.

    You look so comfy and so soft - I am sure you could help me to get warm and cozy!
    If you could come to me that would make my day - and perhaps then I wouldn't need to sit by the fireplace all the time... ;-)

    I'm waiting for you here!

    Love, Sari

  12. Wow, guys, we have some serious poets here! Awesome love letters!

  13. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw just going to keep it short and sweet. If I win you, youll be in for a treat.


  14. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw,
    When my town is covered in snow
    I promise to hold you and never let go
    And when the sun shines again
    my favorite French By Design gift you will remain
    I will lay you tenderly on the bed
    and take tons of instagram photos instead
    So, you see no matter the weather
    we will always stay happy together!

  15. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw, you are so sweet.
    Thank you for meeting me here in the Autumn grey.
    You inspire me with your beauty
    and exude such warmth and care of me.
    Never forget, you are woven in love.

  16. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw
    I will love you forever and promise to hold you, cuddle with you and never leave you.
    We will keep each other warm during the coldest nights and I am looking forward to our snuggles !
    Please be mine. xoxo

  17. Dr. Nuraxi cloud throw,

    Your soul
    My heart
    Never may we part...

  18. Dearest Nuraxi cloud throw,
    A pearl you are,
    A treasure I will hold you.
    I have been searching for you high and low,
    I'll take you with me everywhere I go!

  19. Dearest Nuraxi cloud throw, I would like to take you with me in the world of the various books i will read together with you. We could dream together, feel together and take part in adventures. The whole world will be ours. We will get invisible and fly wherever your arrows will want to...I can hardly wait :)
    Simona S

  20. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw is my only one,- it's true!

  21. chère cloud,
    toi et moi, une tasse de thé, un gros livre, emmitouflés pour la journée.

  22. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw, when you read this you've been together with me for more than 20 years now. I'm so glad to have you by my side to warm me up and cuddle up with me throughout thick and thin

  23. I liked the page on facebook.

    Dearest Nuraxi

    Please come to me. I would hold you every night while we watch romantic movies on tv & sip wine.


    I will help with your wine.

  24. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw - My body + yours = an unforgettable romance. haha! can't wait to cuddle!

  25. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw,

    How sweet it would be,
    to carry you with me,
    all the way to Pa-ris.
    It would be so sweet, oui.

    and if we never meet,
    know that it was always meant to be.


  26. Dearest Nuraxi Cloud Throw,
    Having no arms to hold me
    I look to you for
    Restful rapture

    With love

  27. "Dear Nuraxi cloud throw,

    Not to seem too forthcoming, but I really feel we were meant to snuggle and binge watch TV together. I would put on my finest jewelry and you would be your elegant self. I would love to show you off to guests too. Please consider me as I know you have a lot of suitors..



  28. Dear Nuraxi Cloud Throw,
    Oh my dearest, we are going to have such wonderful times together! I've been preparing our retreat where we'll spend countless hours relaxing on the white button-tufted sofa, sipping a cup of cocoa on a rainy day. Maybe finally starting that novel we've been wanting to read, or watching a romantic movie together. I know you'll inspire me to do some writing of my own at the lovely vintage desk in the corner. I promise to care for you and nurture you for the rest of your life. Our nest is ready - it is awaiting only you. Come to me soon, my darling!

  29. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw,
    Since I was a small child, I've had a certain day dream. Some people think it's silly, but I've never wavered. Ive always wanted to sleep on a cloud. I want to be supported by soft, cushions warmth. I've wanted to pull a bit of the cloud over me and snuggle deep into the soft cloud. Now as we all know- you cant sleep on a literal cloud. I feel though, that if I won the luxurious Cloud throw, I would almost have attained my dream! Thanks for giving me the chance to live out my childhood fAntasy!

  30. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw,

    You belong in Aotearoa,
    the land of the long white cloud.
    We are deep into Autumn here
    and snuggling is allowed.

    Yours sincerely,

  31. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw,

    I've never met anything quite like you - will you be mine?


  32. Chère Cloud...

    Oh comme j'aimerais me rouler dans ta douceur, sentir ta chaleur et m'endormir dans ta blancheur...

    Je t'aime déjà Cloud <3


  33. Dear Nuraxi cloud throw I need you to keep me warm on those cold nights when im all alone. your softness will wrap me in comfort and warmth.

  34. The sweet tender folds of your loving embrace leave me enchanted and temperate snuggled firmly in your grace.
    An uncommon ease stretches as a sun drenched feline throughout and turning I wrap twice in your comfort no doubts

  35. The sweet tender folds of your loving embrace leave me enchanted and temperate snuggled firmly in your grace
    Slip not heart of mine into these hand mastered looms, but await, too late, I've wrapped once, no yet twice, and oh how my joy swoons

  36. Dear Nuraxi Cloud Throw:
    Lay beside me. Take not only my breath, but my soul away, as well. Tease me with your tousles and texture, envelope me in your woven knit. Let me slumber in your unspoken downy and drift away in a sea of softness. May your tender touch always comfort and coddle me through each emotion, and every moment of my lifetime.

  37. Dear Nuraxi CloudThrow,
    I have 2 little ones and a petite Maltese puppy. We all snuggle on the sofa in the evening. You are welcome to comfort us and keep all the baby toes toasty. I look forward to a long relationship with you :)
    vac 924 at gmail dot com

  38. Dear Nuraxi Cloud Throw,
    You rock and I would love for you to join me in my new house. I love you, and squeeze you and call you George. :)
    Thanks oodles

  39. Dear Nuraxi Cloud,
    I will hug you and squeeze you and call you George.


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